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Creating and sustaining a culture of well-being to help your organization thrive.

Creative Solutions Florida provides award-winning, research-based wellness initiatives that connect people together, inspire positive change, and encourage communication, innovation and creativity. 

With more than 20 years of experience in business management and information technology, we combine expertise, creative spirit, and passion for helping others to implement corporate, healthcare and community wellness programs. 

The heart of any organization is the people who drive its mission forward. In order to align your greatest asset — your people — with your mission, it’s crucial to employ systems that promote engagement and help individuals feel empowered. 

Our passion is developing, delivering, and managing well-being initiatives that truly engage people to make a difference in their lives and help organizations thrive.  

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Are you looking to create wellness initiatives that foster an engaged, positive culture in your workplace?     

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Do you already have wellness initiatives in place and could use clearer direction or a more comprehensive approach?    

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Do you want to explore team-building programs that promote understanding, inspire, and create a foundation for your organization and create a positive culture? 

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