We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all.  We are one of a few unique people focused wellness consulting firms that offer a holistic approach to your organization.    

Our corporate wellness consulting offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs and focused objectives of your organization, including team building. 

We draw upon our expertise in working, personally and professionally, with a myriad of groups across corporate and healthcare environments. 

We offer services and corporate wellness consulting.

Well-being Consulting

  • We recognize that every organization possesses unique goals, values, and challenges.
  • With more than 20 years of experience at the executive level and a natural passion for connecting people, we work with organizations to gain insight and assess the best initiatives that will fit your needs and sustain a true culture of well-being.  
  • We offer a wide variety of research-based, people-centered wellness programs. 
  • We offer leadership and organizational tools to create a wellness team, which sets the foundation for communication and engagement within the organization.
  • We build a strategy to connect the best resources to your culture.  

Communication and Engagement

  • Creating a foundation using effective communication within any organization can lead to more engaged employees, and better well-being within the workplace for sustainable results.   
  • True Colors® personality methodology is a 40 year research-based method of personality identification that provides an EASY, SIMPLE and FUN to understand communication tool for teams, organizations, and personal connections. 
  • Help understand more about yourself and others with new tools.
  • Help recognize and better accept differences to boost morale and performance. 
  • Reduce potential conflict and frustration. 
  • Enhance collaboration and provide a way to organize work teams.

The Art of Well-being

  • Bridging Life and the Arts
  • Discover how creativity and the expressive arts are valuable tools to help relax, increase focus, reduce stress, reinforce learning, and improve overall well-being.
  • Supportive workshops and retreats offer a unique combination of dynamic, meaningful, and hands-on experiences including visual art, discussion, mindfulness and more.  
  • The Art of Well-Being workshops deliver fun, engaging, and interactive experiences that blend mindfulness with the arts, focusing on the joy of the process and not the end result. 
  • These experiences create a powerful integration that allows individuals and teams to connect and realize their creative potential and the power of pause. We are all creative.