Diane McMillen, President and Founder

With more than 20 years of experience at the executive level of Information Technology and Business Management, Diane has been on the other side of the desk. During her successful corporate career, she realized a powerful insight: organizations succeed when people communicate clearly, connect effectively, and are inspired to co-create in alignment with the company’s mission. Diane developed and delivered innovative processes to support these goals in her executive role. However, 14 years ago she made a paradigm shift in her life work, after a personal journey of breast cancer led her to a passion for proactive well-being.   

Today, Diane combines her track record of corporate success and decades of project management experience with her creative spirit and passion for helping others through corporate, healthcare, and community wellness program initiatives. Her expertise uniquely positions her to meet a wide variety of communities, and her services can be scaled for various audiences, from corporate retreats to support groups, for executives and employees, to cancer patients and caregivers. Diane understands the unique needs of different organizations, and she knows how to connect your resources and bring the best-fitting strategies, programs and resources to you. Diane is dedicated to creating a culture of well-being that will help your employees, teammates, and individuals thrive.   

Diane is a Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager (CWWPM) and a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) from the National Wellness Institute, a True Colors Certified Personal Success and Communication Facilitator, and an Expressive Arts Educator with an arts and healing certificate from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She has been part of efforts to introduce and incorporate creativity and arts for health into organizations and hospitals throughout the Tampa Bay area.   

Along with Kim Kent, Diane is the co-founder of the nationally recognized Color Me Healthy program at Team Horner Group. Their results-driven work received the American Psychological Association’s 2015 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award.